Why should I use a vocational expert?
· Determine client's ability to perform work.
· Determine client's loss of access to the labor market.
· Perform analysis of employability and chance client could or would be hired.
· Evaluate pre and post injury earning capacity.
· Receive recommendations for additional rehabilitation services.
· Provide life care plans to determine future case management costs.
What is the purpose of a life care plan?
A life care plan is a concise plan for current and future needs with associated costs for individuals who have experienced catastrophic injury (e.g., spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, burns) or have chronic health care needs. Typically, the plan includes itemized listing of future medical care, procedures/hospitalization/surgeries, evaluations, therapies, diagnostic testing, medications, equipment, supplies, wheelchair needs, accessories and maintenance, home care, care management, transportation, special needs regarding child bearing and architectural renovations costs.
When should I obtain a vocational expert?
You can consult with a vocational expert any time during the preparation for trial. However, it is recommended that you gather the following information.
Case Preparation steps prior to settlement or trial:
1. Obtain intake information from the client.
2. Obtain all medical records from physicians, hospitals, counselors and etc.
3. Secure physical capacity records.
4. Secure mental capacity records
5. Refer to medical specialists for independent medical evaluation.
6. Refer to vocational expert.
7. Refer to economist.
8. Meet with expert witnesses prior to trial.
I am not sure whether a vocational expert is needed for my case?
A preliminary review of the case documents can be conducted to determine the merits of whether to contract with a vocational expert. We usually charge a nominal fee for this service depending upon the time necessary to complete the preliminary review of the documents. The fee for the preliminary review includes one telephone consultation with the attorney.
How can I designate Dr. Frank Giles as an expert witness?
Accounts are required to have a written contract with Giles & Associates, Inc. prior to designating Dr. Giles as an expert witness.

What services are available for public agencies?
· Federal Grants Management
· Fair Hearing Officer Case Adjudication
· Program Evaluation Services
· Rehabilitation Counseling Academic Program Development
. Human Resources Employee Training Services

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